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Working in partnership with the Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation ProgrammeEdirisa UK is committed to improving access to safe, clean water to improve health and hygiene.

What We Do

 Edirisa UK started working with the Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme (KDWSP) in 2010, funding both water harvesting filtration tanks as well as sanitary latrines.

We work in partnership with the KDWSP. They identify the households that are most in need of personal water tanks, liaise with communities and manage the build, while we cover the full cost of the materials and construction.


The household tanks can often serve two families, each with two adults and several children, and we ensure that families receive training in tank maintenance to ensure that they benefit from clean water for many years to come. In total we have installed: over 120 household water tanks; large tanks at our Health Clinic and Special Needs Centre; large tanks at a number of local primary schools; and large tanks at our Nursery Schools where needed.

A Solution

Women and children are the main carriers and collectors of water for domestic purposes, carrying between 5 to 22 litres of water in each jerry-can, sometimes carrying two at once. Journey times can be as much as two hours one way, wasting precious work or school time. Routes can be treacherous, especially during the rainy season, as paths travel up and down steep, slippery slopes. Some individuals are pregnant, some are blind, some are even lame. 

Once they reach the water source, it may be stagnant and contaminated with parasites and bacteria. Rates of excreta related illness are high and contribute to the hours of lost work or schooling.

But there is a solution. Our water harvesting tanks allow families to gather pure rain water that is filtered on its way to the tap. A household water tanks costs just £400, which includes maintenance and sanitation training


Our programme is ongoing and donations are gratefully accepted.

The level of sanitation and hygiene has greatly improved because we have enough water to clean our cloth, bath, and clean household utensils.

We are able to do work in time because the water is near by.

There are many other weak, old people like us who have been given tanks like us. We are very happy and grateful to those who provided the funds. We shall take care of the tank so that the water remains close by, as we know everything requires maintenance.

I thank God, for giving me this tank. With it, water will be near by and available. I will be spending less time for water hauling.


I am no longer worried of my children crossing a busy road where accidents are common.

Robert Babona

Irene Katara - Aged 70

Edisa Turinawe - Age 25

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