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Edirisa UK is a registered charity working in the Kabale and Rukiga Districts of South West Uganda. We deliver life-changing health, education and social projects, focusing on income generation initiatives to empower communities.

We Believe In





Education For All

Healthcare Provision

Income generating initiatives are a more sustainable form of economic development than just handing out money. Through our Crafts projects we teach women skills to enable them to earn a living, provide for their children, pay school fees and keep them well fed.

Working in close partnership with communities, local authorities and government departments we can achieve so much more. Locals are invested in our projects because we deliver what is needed and bring people together to make change.

As Nelson Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." We believe that everyone should have access to education and place great importance on the Early Years, which forms the foundation for future development. 

We believe that everyone has the right to basic health care and the chance to improve their quality of life. Through our effective partnerships we aim to offer communities both routine and life-saving treatments at the Health Centre and through outreach in the local area.

Our Projects

Edirisa UK - Health Care
Edirisa UK - Special Needs
Edirisa UK - Eduation
Edirisa UK - Eduction
Edirisa UK - Clean Water

Our Vision

Unlike many charities, we don't solely rely on donations or fundraising. Instead we work to make Edirisa UK's projects self-sustaining. 

We do this through income generating initiatives that channel funds back into our projects, and through a close relationship with our partners, some of whom support us with staff while others help to fund the projects.

Giving communities the tools, training and techniques to generate their own income will allow them to support themselves for years to come.

The clinic has really benefited the local community, bringing much needed medical assistance and giving peace of mind to the local people of the lake.

Rev Charles

Access to clean water gives people their lives back. More time for schooling, to grow food and earn an income. Basic sanitation helps to save lives.

Babona Robert

Edirisa UK's training programmes help us to earn money to buy food and school things for our children. They also buy crafts from us to sell in their shops. 

Nisiima Agness

Our Partners

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