Kabale (Crafts Section) - Image

Kabale (Crafts Section)

Kabale, a town with about 40,000 inhabitants, is the administrative centre of the Kabale District.

Edirisa UK rent 2 apartments on Makanga Hill which is where the office, tailoring workshop and volunteer accommodation are located. There are 4 apartments in the clock. Below is a picture taken just before we moved in when the building was being finished. Updated picture coming soon!

The apartment has 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and 2 bathrooms.  The volunteer room can sleep 2 people in bunk beds.  Volunteers are responsible for their own food and cooking, the kitchen is equipped with a 2 burner gas hotplate and there is a kettle. The bathrooms have toilets, showers and washbasins, there is running water but there is no hot water. The apartments are fenced with a double gate and there is a night watchman.

The house is a base for the Crafts Manager and for volunteers working in the Craft Section. From time to time other volunteers can also stay at the apartment whilst working on specific projects.