Meet the volunteers

“Well, our Africa group has just returned and I’ve debriefed with the leaders, read through the student feedback, and the consistent sentiment is that their time at Edirisa was a massive highlight of their 3-month sojourn.  I have to say that for a first time with an organization, this is extremely rare and wonderful.  I’m thrilled to have Edirisa on our itinerary.”
Carpe Diem – USA

“I volunteered with Edirisa because I wanted to ‘give back’ to those in the world less privileged than myself. After spending nine months in Uganda I realised that the assistance I provided was nothing compared to the lessons I learned and the joy I received from working with the locals. Volunteering with Edirisa changed my life and was the starting point I needed to pursue a career in economic development and social impact. It was the best decision I ever made and the most enjoyable experience of my life!”
Kim Sokolnicki – USA

“Volunteering out in Uganda has been the most rewarding and humbling experience of my life. It is such a gift to help and work with people who have so very little yet are so happy, smiley and lighthearted. It really helped to put things into perspective and see the way that we live in a different light.”
Nicola Windridge – Edirisa UK Trustee

“I’ve just came from Uganda and there are some very positive things happened last months. Two school libraries are founded! Pupils in Bufuka primary and Ryabirengye primary started reading, visiting library, borrowing books. In both schools two of the teachers work as librarians and so far they are doing well. Edirisa are always looking for responsible volunteers to run extra activities in the library, like reading clubs, amateur theatre, puppet theatre, literacy classes for adults…Activities should be more oriented on creativity – not only art but creativity in thinking, writing and the ability to express yourself with your own words. Future volunteers, take up the challenge!”
Marta and Irma – Edirisa Society Slovenia

“I volunteered at one of the Primary school projects run by Edirisa, about an hour from Kabale. We helped teaching the children, and learning about life in rural Uganda, one of the poorest areas in Africa. After working in London for 10 years, being in Uganda was an amazing experience, seeing a completely different culture and way of life. Seeing all the help that Edirisa UK gives the small children at the Nursery and Primary schools in the area, made me want to get more involved myself when I returned to the UK. It was great news to hear about all the water projects that Edirisa UK has funded recently in Uganda, as seeing all the young children spend so many hours each day collecting water just doesn’t seem right. With all the Nurseries, Special Needs schools and Medical Centre, Edirisa UK is making a massive impact on improving the lives of so many people in the villages around Kabale. I’m looking forward to returning to Uganda for the fourth time soon.”
Chris Mee – Edirisa UK Trustee