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Clean Water

Edirisa UK is committed to improving access to safe, clean water for the children at the schools we support and the wider community.

Water harvesting is a basic, but functional, system of roof top rainwater harvesting – a tank and pipes to collect rain water from roof gutters, which provides clean water that is easily accessible, helping to improve health and hygiene.

We are working in partnership with the Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Department constructing water harvesting tanks in the Kabale district. Local women are trained in the construction of the tanks, acquiring masonry skills that earn them an income. Training in hygiene, sanitation and maintenance is given to the recipients of the tanks.

Household water tanks have a big impact on quality of life, particularly for the elderly who often have to pay people to collect water for them. The area we work in is very hilly with houses scattered on the hillsides and the water deep in the valleys. Reduced journeys to water holes and springs has a positive impact on schooling as children can spend more time in the classroom and less time travelling long distances (sometimes in dangerous environments) to collect water. We have installed over 100 household water tanks in the homes of the elderly and disabled and constructed large 25,000 litre water tanks at our partner schools and a 30,000 litre tank at our clinic.


This is a Herbert, he is 55 years old.

In 2007, both he and his wife tested positive for HIV. While his wife is still strong Herbert is mostly bed ridden and so his wife is forced to make the almost daily, arduous 2km round trip to fetch water.

Recognising the couple’s need Edirisa UK installed a household tank for Herbert and his wife: “This tank is a big relief to our family. We now have enough clean water for drinking, cooking food, washing clothes and bathing – thank you Edirisa”.

A household water tanks costs around £500 – this includes training in maintenance and sanitation. Our programme is ongoing and donations are gratefully accepted – you can donate here.

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