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Special Needs Education

The Centre in Kitanga is now home to around 60 children with various special needs and learning difficulties.

Sadly children with significant special needs are often neglected and rarely receive any form of teaching. Frequently alone without stimulation, these children are at greater risk of malnutrition and injury and, because they are less able to express themselves, are likely to be left to suffer.

The Special Needs Education Centre (SNEC) in Kitanga is alongside a primary school which was rebuilt by World Vision several years ago. The original school buildings were not demolished and  SNEC was set up in the old buildings in 2009 when Edirisa UK made this project a priority. We funded renovations and refurbishment of the buildings (class rooms and dormitories), paying salaries and covering many of the running costs. We provided a new four-stance latrine and showers, 40 bunk beds, 80 mattresses, bedding, cooking utensils, desks and chairs and much more. Volunteers helped to paint the classrooms and sleeping block to brighten them up for the children.

With a donation from the Heshima Foundation in Holland (www.heshima.nl) in 2010 further improvements were made with the addition of a sick bay and teachers’ accommodation.  VSO provided 2 volunteers that year to help to manage the project.

In 2011 we provided funds for the addition of 2 houses for volunteers and a new kitchen and dining room beautifully painted by volunteers.  In 2012 grid electricity came to Kitanga and Edirisa UK and Heshima raised funds to illuminate SNEC! New showers and latrines were constructed in 2014 and with the gardens now producing more than enough produce sales of the surplus provided funds to purchase 2 piglets to start a pig project.

Recently we have supplied tools and sewing machines and started lessons in carpentry, sewing, knitting, weaving etc in order to give the children some vocational skills. A carpentry workshop was completed in 2016.

We welcome all volunteers but especially those with training in special needs or teaching.