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Health Care

The Bwama Island Health Centre lll on Lake Bunyonyi makes health care available to all – giving relief from curable ailments and helping to fight some of the developing world’s biggest killers.

In 2011 we partnered with the District Health Department, the Kigezi Diocese and the Tropical Medical School of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia to build and staff a new medical facility at Lake Bunyonyi. The Kigezi Diocese would supply the land,  Edirisa UK would construct the out patient clinic,  accommodation for international doctors,  latrines and showers and the government would construct a maternity and overnight ward.

This is something of a medical renaissance for Bwama Island as in the 1930’s, under the management of Dr Leonard Sharp, Bwama Island famously housed thousands of leprosy patients from across Central and East Africa, it closed in 1972. The site had been chosen in order to isolate the patients from the rest of the community, but was chosen to house the clinic due to it’s central location, accessible from most areas of Lake Bunyonyi.

Edirisa UK  completed the construction of the outpatients’ clinic which opened late 2012. The Government started the maternity and overnight wards in 2015 but never finished the building. In 2016 we provided funds to complete the floors and the doctors from the Tropical Medical School gave funds to complete the plumbing and solar installation. The maternity ward opened mid 2016.

The clinic has already made a big impact on the local community’s ability to seek medical care, which is totally free of charge, and for local women to deliver children more safely – it is the major primary care provider in the Lake area. In the year ended 30th June 2018 there were 51,906 patients treated it the outpatients clinic, 19,866 patients were seen during community outreaches and 153 babies were delivered. The clinic also offers ante natal clinics and maternity aftercare as well as dental services (1,250 patients had teeth extracted).You can read the full annual report here .

In 2016 we raised funds to build much needed staff houses and in 2017 we partnered with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana and Masters student Danaja Vastic designed a staff housing complex. In June 2017 Danaja and three of her fellow students travelled to Uganda to supervise the start of the building programme. The houses were designed to use local building materials and the local builders were trained in some new building techniques. The houses all have running water for showers and basins, electricity from solar power and gas hobs. A four stance Ecosan latrine has been built nearby and a 25,000 litre water harvesting tank supplies the water.

Staff Houses

One of two units built to house 4 people

Staff houses

Dormitory built to house 5/6 people

We continue to heavily support the Health Centre with Mother and Baby kits for new mothers, maintenance, equipment, beds, drugs when Government supplies run out, funds for outreach, computers etc.