Teacher Training

In 2010 Co-founder of Edirisa Uganda, Ambrose Kibuuka, held teacher training workshops for over fifty teachers from our partner schools.

Funded by the United World College of the Adriatic, the workshops were a great success and led to the creation of the Studio Edirisa Creative Guides Pack. Designed to motivate African teachers and help them to improve the quality of learning the training sessions and the creative guides challenge many stereotypes and accepted behaviours present in the average Ugandan school, inspiring teachers that change is possible. Four thousand Creative Guide Workbooks, booklets and eighty DVDs were given to the District Office so that every Primary and Secondary teacher in the district could receive a copy.

Teacher training is most important in our nursery schools and in 2013 our Head of Nurseries, Ashaba Phionah, travelled up to Kampala for a work experience placement at the Acorn School, an international nursery and pre-primary school. This enabled Phionah to have hands on experience in a child centred environment. Many teachers have not grown up using puzzles, reading storybooks or playing in sandpits; the concepts are foreign to them and so first they must also learn how to play. Using her new knowledge Phionah is leading our nurseries towards more playful, interactive, child-centred learning and the teachers are happy to be benefiting from the new ideas. Phionah also said “I realised that in our classrooms we only have posters made by teachers. It’s important for us to also use the work of the children as it motivates them as learners and gives them pride”.

In 2013 we held 2 teacher training workshop days in Kabale. At one we hosted 150 nursery teachers from around the district and at the second hosted teachers from the Ugandan nursery schools that are members of our Circle of Friends. It was a great opportunity for them to meet, share ideas and learn more about child centred methods of education.