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Nursery Schools

Our four nursery schools have each been built alongside the primary school that they feed into.

The provision of nursery education is increasing rapidly in Uganda and for Edirisa UK this is where it all began. One of the first projects that we invested in was the construction of a nursery school adjacent to the Bufuka Primary School at Lake Bunyonyi in 2006.  The standard method of teaching in Uganda is the “chalk and talk” method, with students learning by rote or copying from a blackboard. We have been introducing our teachers to alternative methods of teaching and trying to promote a more interactive environment in our nurseries.

The nursery buildings provide a safe and consistent environment for the pre school age children to learn and play.

Our nursery schools are focused on offering child centred methods of education with an emphasis on learning through play and creativity.

Click here to see a video of the Bufuka and Kyabahinga nursery school children singing and dancing.

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