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Edirisa UK has provided premises for libraries at Bufuka, Kyabahinga, Ryabirengye and Nyakasiru Primary Schools.

In 2009 Edirisa Slovenia ran the project Reading Capabilities, a Window to Knowledge and then in 2010/11 Libraries –  a foundation of reading culture and source of knowledge.  The aim of the projects was to enable teachers to develop a reading culture, improve children’s literacy and encourage creativity. From the sucess of these fundraising projects Edirisa Slovenia has provided books and teacher training for our libraries and our volunteers have employed their wonderful creativity to lovingly decorate the rooms.

Following on from these projects, Edirisa Slovenia has produced several books for the children benefiting from these libraries:

The House With Two Windows, written in Rukiga (the local language of South West Uganda), English and Slovenian, highlighting the difference between African and European cultures. Published 2009.

The Discovery of Lake Bunyonyi, a short picture story board book written in Rukiga and English. Published 2011.

Folktales of the Bakiga (the name given to the people of the region), written in Rukiga and English the stories were collected by secondary school students to encourage them to research their own culture and to develop researching skills and creative writing. Published 2011.

Batwa Folktales, the Batwa are the most vulnerable, marginalized, voiceless and endangered group of people around Echuya Forest in south west Uganda. They love telling stories and this is a collection of their tales. Published 2012.

All of the books have been illustrated by talented Ugandan artist Martin Depories who has been working with Edirisa for many years.

We extend our deepest thanks to Edirisa Slovenia for their fabulous work with the reading projects.