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Edirisa UK raises funds each year to invest in various projects in the Kabale region of South West Uganda.

We focus on four main areas of development: Education, Clean Water, Health & Sanitation and Sustainable Development.

Our roots are in education where we began by funding a primary school on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi. Over the years we have renovated many primary school classrooms as well as built libraries in our partner schools. Recognising the need for nursery education we have built and now run 4 nursery schools. In addition to school construction projects we also invest in teacher training for nursery and primary teachers.  Our volunteer programme runs workshops in the schools and nurseries, supporting the teachers and improving the learning environment.

Edirisa UK also plays a key role in supporting the Special Needs Education Centre in Kitanga, a home to 50 children with various disabilities and learning needs. The Special Needs Education Centre is also home to one of our volunteer hubs from where our volunteers take part in activities with the Centre as well as the adjacent Primary School which we also support. Click here to find out more about volunteering at SNEC.

Branching out from Education we then recognised that there was a dire need for clean water and so our Water Project was born and we began installing water harvesting tanks at schools, small communities and in individual homes of the elderly and disabled in the Kabale district.

In partnership with the Tropical Medical School at the University of  Ljubljana, Slovenia and local government we have built a clinic on Bwama Island bringing much needed healthcare to the communities around Lake Bunyonyi.

Next, we began to focus on giving a hand up not a hand out and we turned our attention to supporting local and sustainable business initiatives. Our main area of focus is local craft making, where we support a number of women’s groups, offering training in product design, manufacture and marketing. But sustainable initiatives don’t stop there, we also started bee keeping programmes so individuals can produce honey and beeswax products, as well as supporting vegetable gardens and orchards.

Our School Building Projects have provided safe teaching environments for children:

school-from-this school---to-this

 And our nursery school projects endeavor to progress nursery education from the ‘talk and chalk’  era to more child centred learning:

school-sand-play school-in-class