Cakes, Chickens and Car Boots - Image

Cakes, Chickens and Car Boots

There are many ways to raise money for Edirisa UK from the big things to the small. Organising sales can be a good place to start

  • Run a cake stall at a local school or village fete.
  • Sell your bits and bobs at a car boot sale.
  • Organise a bring and buy sale with a percent profit/entrance fee to Edirisa UK.
  • If you keep chickens why not sell your eggs to friends, family and neighbours and give the profits to Edirisa UK. But it doesn’t stop there, do you have a vegetable patch? You could sell your surplus veggies too, or even cutting from plants in your garden. You might not raise much but any donation is greatly appreciated.
  • Get your kids involved by making home made elderflower cordial or lemonade with them over the summer and sell to your friends and family. Elderflowers grow abundantly in the wild during June and July.