Nightrider - Image


During the night of 8th/9th June three of our trustees, together with four other supporters, pedalled 100km around London raising funds for Edirisa UK.

Observations from Simon Carter, Trustee : 

–          London is NOT FLAT!

–          Are there more foxes than people in London?

–          Do I look that stupid every time ‘I’ get drunk?

–          Traffic lights….why?!

–          Speed bumps – rubbish on the up hills, but make fantastic jumps on the downhills!

–          Water breaks, missed two of them!

–          Signage – took two wrong turns nearly ended up in Brighton at one point!

–          5 hours to complete…not bad for a first go.

Would I do it next year – DEFINITELY

If you want to take part in Nightrider and support Edirisa UK click here