Here at Edirisa UK we love the Ugandan culture and we’re working hard to promote and preserve it. Scattered across the country are groups of hard working women creating beautiful, traditional crafts to sell to both locals and, of course, tourists. One thing people always notice about the people of Uganda are the brightly coloured clothes and beautiful fabric prints – Kitenge.  We work with several women’s craft groups across the Kabale region in South West Uganda in an effort to boost their sales, shake up the products on offer and improve quality – teaching them new skills whilst preserving traditional crafts. This gives these women a sense of pride and a sustainable income and promotes the diverse and colourful culture that Uganda has to offer.

Each of our groups have varying skills with rafia crafts – some are great with baskets, some with jewellery, some with table mats and coasters. Either way, we take note of each woman’s skill and help them develop and improve. We provide them with materials and we bring them new and exciting designs to work on. Most importantly we purchase these items at a fair price for sale in our craft shops in the area.

In 2013, with a grant from the Give a Hand Foundation , we ran sewing workshops for some members of our groups and for those not attending the sewing workshops, we provided additional workshops covering a variety of topics – English, health, nutrition and even business studies. We continue to provide sewing workshops and training for our groups.

We employ 4 full time tailors to make kitenge (local fabric) products  and buy product from our women’s groups for our shops and other Ugandan outlets.

Profits from the sale of crafts are fed back into the groups through training, equipment and materials and also support our Special Needs Centre in Kitanga.

View our Crafts Catalogue here.