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Circle of Friends

A programme of cultural exchange – linking nurseries around the world to promote creativity and friendship.

Edirisa UK has embarked on a project of linking nurseries around the world – a Circle of Friends – a programme to share information, ideas and friendship, where children learn about diversity, cultures and different ways of life.

Sheila says: “Linking offers opportunities to develop friendships, share ideas and resources and we believe that introducing the children to each other at this early stage of cognitive development will help them to grow up with a better understanding of the world they live in, to appreciate the differences between the races and have a more tolerant attitude towards each other.”

We currently have 20 member nurseries in the Circle who we encourage to communicate with each other on a regular basis. Initially each nursery is required to send their partner nursery a non-specific greetings scrapbook highlighting life in their nursery. If your nursery school would like to join the Circle apply here.

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