Operation Success and a New Life for Rita!

Young Rita and her family are very grateful to our ex Operations Manager, Rebecca Swan, who fundraised and organised Rita’s life saving heart operation in Egypt! Rita is now on her way home to Uganda but last week Rebecca visited her at the Aswan Heart Centre.


Rebecca says:

“I visited Rita in Aswan to see how she was getting on after her operation. It was one of the most joyful and inspiring trips of my life. It has been a crazy few months and there were some awful moments when we worried it might not happen at all.


On February 17th Rita left Uganda with her aunt, Linate headed for Aswan Health Centre in Egypt. A week later Sir Magdi Yacoub  performed the surgery and he was able to repair, rather than replace the damaged valves, meaning that Rita will not need life-long anti-coagulation medication as expected. As Chain of Hope had covered the cost of the flights some of the funds we raised were spent on a monitoring machine for Kabale Hospital.

I visited Rita a week later. It was completely awe-inspiring. The hospital is purpose-built and Chain of Hope brings children from all over Africa to receive surgery there.


All the swelling of Rita’s face had gone down and her confidence was already improving; she was actually asking me to take photos of her. It was so wonderful to behold and I was completely overcome with gratitude for all the people who made it happen. I’m not usually overly emotional, and can be quite a cynic at times, but seeing Rita walking around her room, smiling and posing for the camera made my heart swell.

She will soon be home and after a couple of months getting her strength up, she should be able to walk to school with her sisters. She’s still planning to be a nurse in Bwama Health Centre. Thanks to Chain of Hope and all the people who donated and helped her she finally has a chance to make it happen. Absolutely amazing!”


Well done Rebecca and HUGE thanks to Chain of Hope and all at the Aswan Heart Centre. We wish Rita continuing good health and all at Edirisa look forward to welcoming her back to Bufuka.